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We have been talking about selecting galleries, getting your work hung, and promoting your show. In our last newsletter, we took a little detour to talk about pricing issues. If want to catch-up you can read those newsletters in the archives.

In this newsletter we will continue our discussion on promoting your show. I will also tell you about a terrific new service that will save you money and help promote your art more efficiently and effectively.

Invitation List

I can’t think of any better prospect for your art than a past customer. They have already demonstrated that they like your work and have invested in it. A past customer has a stake in your success because they would like to see their investment increase in value. To create an invitation list, there are two things you have to do. First, keep up-to-date information on your customers. The information should include name, address, email address, telephone number and past purchases. Second, you must cultivate your past customers. You must keep them informed, tell them what you are currently working on, and invite them to your shows. There are many fine software tools including Microsoft Outlook.

I may catch some flack here because I know not everyone will agree, but I believe that you should invite your friends, family and customers to the gallery to attend the opening of your show. Your need their support. You need traffic. The gallery needs to be convinced that your work will sell. You need sales.

If you follow this advice, don’t even think about siphoning sales away from the gallery! That would be the end of that relationship. It is short -sighted to hold out for the whole pie, when in the long run, it might be better to share a piece. If you selected the right gallery, they will sell your art. If you want to keep the whole pie yourself, then maybe you should re-think whether you should wholesale your art.

It costs money to have people working for you, but rarely does anyone make it big on their own.

Digital Portfolio

Some artists offer photographs, brochures, catalogs or miniature prints to show off their work. Wait until you see what we have come up with! We are introducing a Digital Portfolio where you virtually have unlimited space to tell your life story and show your prints and originals. You can send the CD to past customers and galleries or make it available to easily download from your web site. The best thing about it, unlike a catalog or brochure, is it’s easy to update. Click here to learn more about a Digital Portfolio.

Don’t forget to share your questions and comments on the discussion board.

Click here to learn more about a Digital Portfollio.

Don’t forget to share your questions and comments on the discussion board.

Have a great week.

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