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Artist Printshop 5

Let’s talk some more about pricing. I don’t think I could ever spend too much time on it. It is so important. I deal with it everyday as artists figure out their costs and establish their prices. Most artists whom I work with want to keep the price of their art as low as possible. […]

Artist Printshop 4

I left off last time with a promise that we would talk about agents and artists’ representatives. If want to catch-up on past newsletters go to the archives. Let’s assume that you are better at painting than at selling. Art won’t sell itself. It takes a strategy, a plan, and someone to implement that plan. […]

Artist Printshop 3

We have been talking about selecting galleries, getting your work hung, and promoting your show. In our last newsletter, we took a little detour to talk about pricing issues. If want to catch-up you can read those newsletters in the archives. In this newsletter we will continue our discussion on promoting your show. I will […]