Artist Printshop 7

I spend a fair amount of time in the art business forum in a site called Two of the most popular discussion topics are getting work in galleries and pricing. There are stories of how some galleries reject artists because they don’t have credentials, either educational or otherwise. I think most of the time […]

Artist Printshop 7

We have covered a lot of ground when it comes to marketing to galleries. We have also been talking about pricing issues. Today I want to wrap up pricing. But I will always return to pricing, because it is so important. If you have missed any of the previous Marketing Tips for Artists please catch […]

Artist Printshop 6

Today we are going to talk about the physical print sizes. You can choose to make your prints larger or smaller than the original. A print is a separate piece of art based on an original. It will not be identical. You paint with paint and we print with ink. Your original has dimension in […]

Artist Printshop 5

Let’s talk some more about pricing. I don’t think I could ever spend too much time on it. It is so important. I deal with it everyday as artists figure out their costs and establish their prices. Most artists whom I work with want to keep the price of their art as low as possible. […]

Artist Printshop 4

I left off last time with a promise that we would talk about agents and artists’ representatives. If want to catch-up on past newsletters go to the archives. Let’s assume that you are better at painting than at selling. Art won’t sell itself. It takes a strategy, a plan, and someone to implement that plan. […]

Getting your work hung in galleries

Today we are going to discuss getting your work hung in galleries. But first I want to share with you an email I just received. From The E-Mail Box Dear Sir, Your statement about “promoting our art with prints”, is a new concept for me. I have always been opposed to the idea that prints […]